2020 Olympic Wrestling – What are the Odds?

I wish my crystal ball was a little clearer regarding next month when the IOC revisits their recommendation to drop wrestling. But I want to remind everyone that they shouldn’t be misled by IOC’s use of the word “recommendation.” Corporations often use the term when they really mean, “we’ve made a decision.” It’s a way to muzzle those whose ox was just gored, or is about to be gored. In no way does this term mean the sport doesn’t have a chance of recovery if we play our cards right. It’s simply means the IOC is using it as a measure to delay any retaliatory attack our sport may wish to launch.
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2020 Olympic Wrestling – It’s Wrestling’s Fault

What irks me almost as badly as losing our membership in the Summer Games is the way the leadership in Colorado Springs is parlaying it into their gain. The approach is as old as time itself; attack any crisis you have a hand in creating, deny any responsibility, demonstrate shock and dismay, create a call to arms, lead the charge, win the day and then go back to playing golf.
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If there is one thing America needs – its wrestling.

Nothing prepares a person for life like the discovery of pain.

Wrestlers find that out rather quickly during the first day of practice. From there they have two options; walk out the door the same way they walked in or learn to develop a tolerance for discomfort. For those who have moxie as part of their character they stay. For those who don’t, they leave.
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