Save Olympic Wrestling

Football and wrestling – the perfect match

Here is a great article regarding a stand out scholastic wrestler who chose football as his collegiate sport of choice. Every football coach in America should read it…

What Age Should Kids Start Wrestling?

For this edition of I would like to share an email thread between myself and a father who was wondering at what age is a young man ready to tackle wrestling. “In your opinion coach, how long should I wait before starting my son in wrestling?” I responded:

Stieber vs. Maple

Lineups are starting to be announced for the NWCA All Star Classic.  A BIG match-up was announced that is equal to the Dake vs. Taylor event from last year.  This year, NCAA champion Logan Stieber from Ohio State will be wrestling NCAA champion Kendrick Maple from Oklahoma. At last year NCAA championships, Logan won at Stieber vs. Maple

All Star Classic Wrestling Clinic

Honoring Clinicians Clinicians are the only group remaining that isn’t represented at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame or recognized by any of the national media outlets. Wrestling on the other hand does pay tribute to their coaches, athletes, contributors and officials as they should but not clinicians and I can’t figure out why? I All Star Classic Wrestling Clinic

Billy Baldwin Takes on the IOC

Here is a well-written piece in the Huffington Post on the Olympic debacle by actor Billy Baldwin. He wrestled at Berner High in Massapequa, NY and then collegiately at Binghamton University. Good stuff, outstanding writing.

We’re Back… until 2024

Congratulations to all that did so much for wrestling. Jim Scherr for his tireless energy and effective presentation. President Putin for his sophisticative (I know, it’s a new word I just made up) approach to lobbying the IOC membership. America’s Big 5 business leaders who gave hundreds of hours of personal time and generous amounts of resources to the We’re Back… until 2024

After We Win, Then What?

This Sunday, the IOC will reinstate wrestling for the 2020 and 2024 Olympics. As soon as the announcement is made there will be many sighs of relief and cheers of joy, all heard around the globe but the question is what then? Where does wrestling go from there and how do we make sure something After We Win, Then What?

Great Video . . . Go Wrestling!

Several weeks ago I placed a video here that sold the benefits of Squash. I felt it was important for you see what the other sports were doing relative to our efforts. So now it’s our turn. Please take a moment to watch this amazing piece of artistry from the desks of Nick Garone and Geoff Riccio. What a masterful job they Great Video . . . Go Wrestling!

Wrestling is Back in the Olympics

At least in my opinion we are, but not as a provisional sport. Instead I believe the IOC will reject their Executive Committee’s decision to eliminate wrestling and keep it as a core sport. Translation: we’re back! Why would they take that position?

FILA’s Getting It, USAWrestling Isn’t

This is an article from yesterday’s New York Times. Kudos to President Lalovic and FILA. This past week they evened the weight classes from 7-7-4 to 6-6-6 as part of their efforts to become IOC compliant and reiterated their support for women in leadership positions. That was a strong move on their part. If only FILA’s previous FILA’s Getting It, USAWrestling Isn’t

Why Does Wrestling Continually Fail?

I had people over to the house to watch the Rumble on the Rails, the dual meet between the United States and Iran. Each of them are far from being wrestling aficionados, actually two of the three had never watched a match before.

Martinetti Loses Round One

May 10, 2013 Following his resignation given on February 16th, 2013, the former President of FILA, Mr Raphael Martinetti, has sued FILA in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

2020 Olympic Wrestling – Transform or Perish

How We Got Here? It’s often said, “It’s wiser to whisper advice from cover than risk doing it while walking point.” Although I understand the benefits of whispering, there is simply too much riding on the sport’s current issues to remain silent.