FILA: Wrestling itself is at fault for getting out of the Olympics

By | August 19, 2013

The following article is an interview with wrestling’s new world leader, Nenad Lalovic. In it, President Lalovic states the obvious; that wrestling’s departure from the Olympics was the fault of FILA and its Board members, not the IOC.

FILA President Nenad Lalovic

I’m sure this doesn’t surprise many of us but it is a little unnerving as it appears that USAWrestling either doesn’t get it or is purposely diverting blame? Was this an attack on the sport or was it a corrective measure the IOC took toward wrestling’s leadership? Either way it begs the question; is USAWrestling that out of touch or are they purposely diverting responsibility.

If they’re out of touch, we need to take a strong look at who’s leading us. If it’s the second, the wrestling community has been asked to spend millions to fix something that was never broken.

Here’s the full article –

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