2020 Olympic Wrestling – Squash vs. Wrestling

By | May 15, 2013

I Vote For Squash!?

Wow, I mean wow . . . here’s a video EVERYONE should watch. It’s Squash’s prelude to being accepted into the Olympic Games and one of wrestling’s main competitors.

Here is a note I received from one of wrestling’s greatest leaders regarding the video:

After looking at this video I was ready to support SQUASH!

Squash has my vote. What I took away from this two minute presentation is the sport is fresh, honest, wholesome, fast paced, easy to understand, simple to broadcast, fun to watch. Everything wrestling isn’t and it’s our fault. As long as we allow those who are in charge to continue down the path we’re traveling, we can’t complain where we end up.

2 thoughts on “2020 Olympic Wrestling – Squash vs. Wrestling

  1. jason

    Wrestling and squash are two of the greatest individual events/sports. They offer everything that individual competition should offer. Why do they have to battle for a spot? Can’t the events “rhythmic gymastics” and “synchronized swimming” be considered for elimination? Is rhythmic gymnastics worthy of the olympics? Synchronized swimming? All I can think of when I hear synchronized swimming is the television skit with Martin Short and Harry Shearer.

  2. Brandon Ruiz

    It’s not about traditional sport anymore. Wrestling is a classic sport that is truly only about the competitors and their journey. The modern olympics has become for the spectators and is no longer a sporting event but entertainment. Just watching this video they have many more pieces of equipment than wrestling. They are a more commonly accessible sport in terms of who can participate and where they can play. This is apples and oranges. Wrestling will never have the same power as sports like Squash in those regards. Wrestling is man’s oldest and greatest sport. If it leaves the olympics so be it but that only goes to show that olympics are no longer about classic sport and sportsmanship but tv ratings and dollars earned.


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