Last Words on Rio

Should the IOC Keep Wrestling in the Olympics Of course they should, but will they? After you read this you decide. But to start, I’d like to take my hat off to Martin Floreani and FloWrestling. They’re the only media outlet we have that has the nerve to do investigative pieces in areas that wrestling would… Read More »

USAWrestling; Red, White and Feeling Blue

Before USAWrestling has much of a chance to spin the results of the Games, you might like to know a few facts. Out of 72 medals that were awarded for wrestling in Rio America won 3 of them. That alone should tell you where we stand in the world and the job Colorado Springs is… Read More »

Olympic Notes

Maryland On The Move Besides being known for blue crabs, rock fish and black-eyed susans, Maryland can now claim to be the home of Olympic Champions. That’s important to the state because before Rio the only thing Maryland could say with regard to wrestling was it bordered on Pennsylvania. Now it has two larger than… Read More »

Emails and America’s World Cup

The following is an exchange I had with one of the nation’s most recognizable wrestling officials. I thought you might find it interesting.   Wade, This note to you is long overdue – I’ve read every one of your blogs and your writing is spot on. Well stated – many times over. I’ve shared your… Read More »

J is J

I’ve known J Robinson since the early 70’s and he has always marched to his own drummer. He’s an opinionated winner, a stubborn and rugged individualist, a person you can count on to reject political correctness while he embraces discipline and personal responsibility. I’ve always found J to say what he believes and believe what… Read More »

A Combination of Thoughts

I’d like to start by complimenting USAWrestling and for some that might mean breaking out the smelling salts. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now given I don’t hesitate to call their leadership out when their priorities get out of whack. So to begin, I’d like to recognize their staff and every… Read More »

Regional Training Centers . . . a cause for concern.

I guess I should apologize for starting this by mentioning the good old days when wrestlers didn’t have to qualify their weights before going to the Olympics; to a time when our athletes had enough confidence to achieve their potential; and to a time when you could trust the leadership at USAWrestling. Regrettably that’s not… Read More »

The NCAA’s that Changed Wrestling

Before I share my thoughts on this year’s NCAA Wrestling Championships, I wanted to remind everyone of the most important blog I have ever posted. It’s entitled; A Point Scored is a Point Earned and it’s the most significant alteration to the rules I’ve ever suggested and if nothing else ever happened in wrestling, and… Read More »

United World Wrestling Faltering

It really wasn’t that long ago that the International Olympic Committee asked our leadership; “isn’t there something you can do to enhance your sport, make it more spectator friendly, find ways to put more points on the board, make the experience more exciting?” The response they heard was, “absolutely, we’ll assemble a group of our… Read More »

Wrestling needs a Donald Trump

In listening to the few who are trying to defend USAWrestling it’s apparent their organization desperately needs new leadership and of the type that brings a wealth of business knowledge to the table. Now I’m not talking about The Donald’s political positions or whether you prefer Democratic tenets to Republican beliefs, but if we’re to… Read More »

Folkstyle or Freestyle

In one of the more recent editions of WIN Magazine I enjoyed reading an article by Jordan Burroughs addressing the issue of what we have to do to move USAWrestling and America back into competitive relevance. I like Jordan; he’s a good man, a great wrestler and an outstanding ambassador for the sport. So when… Read More »

What’s a Boy?

Between the time of innocence – when the male of the species is nothing more than a bundle of wrinkles in diapers and the dignity of manhood, we find a delightful creature called a boy. Each comes into this world in the same way, but in assorted sizes, colors and weights. They even share the… Read More »

Athletics aren’t dessert; they’re meat and potatoes too . . .

It’s a common practice for school boards to adopt proposals that tie academic performance to after school activities. In most cases, if students fail to maintain a certain academic average they become ineligible to participate in after school activities like cheer-leading, tennis and chorus. The prevailing philosophy is students are more apt to improve classroom… Read More »

A Point Scored is a Point Earned

Anytime a rule is changed in wrestling, especially relative to scoring, it should meet four criteria: Will it increase scoring? Does it escalate action, which is different from increasing scoring. Will it make wrestling simpler and easier to understand? Does it increase the interest of the spectators we have and those who are watching for… Read More »

Make Scoring Simpler to Explain

Last year I posted on my How Wrestling Wins blog the importance of adding a point to nearfalls and takedowns. Fortunately the NCAA agreed with me regarding the 4 point nearfall and implemented it. They have yet to see the wisdom of going with the 3-point takedown but they will because 1) it simplifies how… Read More »

Youth Wrestling . . . How Stupid

I just received a short note from a colleague who is well known as an icon in our sport. The gentleman is in his 70’s now and there’s not much he hasn’t seen or done. This was in response to a conversation we had regarding the way America handles its youth programing. “I have coached… Read More »

Offering My Clinic Services

Over the next year my wife and I are planning to tour America. Visiting every state, seeing old friends and meeting new ones while sharing what I’ve learned over 45 years in the sport with coaches and their athletes. Would your wrestling club, your team or someone you know be interested in my Pinning Made… Read More »

How the 2015 World Championships Hurt Us

I just returned from Las Vegas and the World Championships. At a minimum, the event was interesting to watch and at times exciting, both on and off the mat. May I begin here by offering my congratulations to all the medalists, both foreign and domestic. It’s always a great honor for anyone to wear their… Read More »

Wrestling as a Restaurant

I began to talk about this in How Wrestling Wins but I wanted to revisit it. For its wrestling’s skeleton, the framework that supports the challenge we have of making the sport relevant. Think for a moment, you just bought a failing restaurant at a good price. You’ve always wanted to be in the food… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Epilogue

Epilogue I thought of three more things I would develop in the sport if I were the man in charge holding the magic wand. Please add these to your “let me think about it” list. The team who forfeits a weight class also forfeits any say in the order of bouts for the evening and… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Here’s the final chapter of How Wrestling Wins. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed my time trying to infuse logic into the sport. This effort represents 147 pages of text and literally hundreds of hours of critical thinking, mostly with a good glass of scotch in hand so… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 When you combine the following baseline changes and short synopsis of why each is important with last week’s Chapter 16, you have the future of wrestling. But remember, none of what I’m espousing is perfect and I implore you not to get caught up in the finite minutia. Each of us can find… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 So to recap and start to bring to a close How Wrestling Wins, our future depends upon the speed and scope of our reforms. Small alterations in thinking will only assure equally small alterations in achievement. Deciding to wait until next year to finalize that which is clearly obvious this year only insures… Read More »

A Point Earned is a Point Scored

The following proposal recently made it’s way to the National High School Association for possible inclusion as a rule for next season. I’m sure it won’t see the light of day but it got that far; that’s a start. At least a few decision makers actually get to think about “what if” relative to a point earned is… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 What I would like to do now is begin to work toward the end of my How Wrestling Wins blog. It’s been very time consuming but I felt compelled to share a few of my thoughts and fears with our leaders and of course you, my readership. Now I realize not everyone agrees… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 14

  Chapter 14   Nothing we do to save wrestling will work in the short term, or the long term for that matter without spectators. They are the lifeblood of any sport and the first step in any significant amount of national exposure or income. I’m not trying to be Captain Obvious here but without spectators,… Read More »

Wrestling is Dead!

  I just received this from a friend who is a member of the international press. It defines some of our issues and supports what I’ve been saying about wrestling’s leadership. Their actions continue to speak so loudly that none of us can hear what they’re saying. Wade ____________________________ “It really is over. There was no TV… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Going the political route. While there are a few of us attempting to get the sport’s act together, we need to find ways to slow the train that’s barreling down the tracks toward our destruction. Here are two thoughts we might consider, both political, and most likely iffy, but they’re worth throwing out… Read More »

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 12. Protect our youth. Athlete retention must be a priority. We have to work at growing our numbers while expanding our revenue if we expect to survive as a sport but what a challenge that is when half of those we attract leave in the first year. The main challenge we have here… Read More »