Make Scoring Simpler to Explain

Last year I posted on my How Wrestling Wins blog the importance of adding a point to nearfalls and takedowns. Fortunately the NCAA agreed with me regarding the 4 point nearfall and implemented it. They have yet to see the wisdom of going with the 3-point takedown but they will because 1) it simplifies how Make Scoring Simpler to Explain

Offering My Clinic Services

Over the next year my wife and I are planning to tour America. Visiting every state, seeing old friends and meeting new ones while sharing what I’ve learned over 45 years in the sport with coaches and their athletes. Would your wrestling club, your team or someone you know be interested in my Pinning Made Offering My Clinic Services

Wrestling as a Restaurant

I began to talk about this in How Wrestling Wins but I wanted to revisit it. For its wrestling’s skeleton, the framework that supports the challenge we have of making the sport relevant. Think for a moment, you just bought a failing restaurant at a good price. You’ve always wanted to be in the food Wrestling as a Restaurant

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 So to recap and start to bring to a close How Wrestling Wins, our future depends upon the speed and scope of our reforms. Small alterations in thinking will only assure equally small alterations in achievement. Deciding to wait until next year to finalize that which is clearly obvious this year only insures How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 16

A Point Earned is a Point Scored

The following proposal recently made it’s way to the National High School Association for possible inclusion as a rule for next season. I’m sure it won’t see the light of day but it got that far; that’s a start. At least a few decision makers actually get to think about “what if” relative to a point earned is A Point Earned is a Point Scored

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 14

  Chapter 14   Nothing we do to save wrestling will work in the short term, or the long term for that matter without spectators. They are the lifeblood of any sport and the first step in any significant amount of national exposure or income. I’m not trying to be Captain Obvious here but without spectators, How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 14

Wrestling is Dead!

  I just received this from a friend who is a member of the international press. It defines some of our issues and supports what I’ve been saying about wrestling’s leadership. Their actions continue to speak so loudly that none of us can hear what they’re saying. Wade ____________________________ “It really is over. There was no TV Wrestling is Dead!

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Going the political route. While there are a few of us attempting to get the sport’s act together, we need to find ways to slow the train that’s barreling down the tracks toward our destruction. Here are two thoughts we might consider, both political, and most likely iffy, but they’re worth throwing out How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 13

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 This week Mark Emmert, the President of the NCAA spoke to the Associated Press in regards to the University of Alabama-Birmingham dropping football. “I’m worried while autonomy for the Big Five conferences will lead to more money being spent on athletes it could decrease the overall number of opportunities in college sports for How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 11

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 9

  Chapter 9 This next segment of rule changes is designed to unscript that which is boring. Some of these are as critical to implement as many of my previous suggestions and when combined together they should change the landscape of wrestling. To begin let’s minimize, no let’s eliminate the importance of starting lines. Of course I’m How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 9

A Must Read

I received this response from one of my readers. It pretty well sums up some of the challenges the sport faces. You have to understand, I’ve never been a wrestler. My father once said wrestling was gay. Even if my father hadn’t said that, I probably couldn’t have been able to wrestle. I was born A Must Read

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 2. Coaches should coach and delegate. Just as athletes focus on competition, referees should officiate and spectators should cheer; everyone has a role on wrestling’s stage. As for coaches, they should be free to concentrate on what they do best; develop their athletes academically, train them athletically and mentor them socially. What they How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 6

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Let’s take a look at a few examples of how we penalize action but please try and forget what you’re used to seeing and how you’ve become accustomed to the way things are. Instead, analyze what’s being written strictly in terms of action and non-action. If we want action I have to ask, how can we How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 5

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Regarding the crew from USAToday, not one inch of copy ever made it into print. Neither the finals nor the team scores earned even a box score mention, exactly what NASCAR receives on a regular basis for something as uninteresting as qualifying times for even their lesser races. So what does all this How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 4

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 3

If you like what you’re reading, please pass this on to others. The only way change will occur is by awakening those who make a difference; our fans. It’s obvious leadership isn’t making the changes. Chapter 3 Now I’m not sure whether our wrestling community is eternal optimists or ostriches, but too many of them point to the new spectator How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 3

How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Drawing a sport parallel, for the last twenty or so years Judo has been taking a beating in participation numbers and subsequent revenue dollars with the advent of the UFC where I might add, Judo players dare not tread. The meteoric rise of Brazilian Jujitsu and America’s fascination with the whole Mixed Martial How Wrestling Wins – Chapter 2

How Wrestling Wins – Prologue

Prologue Wrestling is in absolute jeopardy of no longer being an NCAA sport by the end of this decade. But amazingly, it also has the ability to become one of America’s staples in the sports entertainment industry. Actually it’s the only sport I’m aware of that has that capability; and my reason for writing this How Wrestling Wins – Prologue