What Others Are Saying About USAWrestling

By | July 11, 2013

In the last few weeks I have received many emails regarding FILA and USAWrestling.  Here are some excerpts for you.  I’ll let their words take the issue front and center.

“Wade, your blog is spot on! The day after the initial IOC decision was announced I reached out to at least 6 people in Colorado Springs to offer my service as an unpaid intern. No one got back to me. Not a one. Who wouldn’t want free labor from an intimately well connected and passionate college student who just graduated from an elite (name withheld) university?  But my name wasn’t Herbert or Burrows or Cejudo so to them I had nothing to offer. If they want things to change they need to get away from the elite All-Star mentality. No one wins that way.”


I’m so glad there’s someone willing to put the spotlight where it needs to be – on our leadership. I can’t be so vocal given I have several small children that wrestle and they have already been threatened with reprisals (blackballed was the term I heard used) for us wrestling in a competing organizations event. We’ve been supportive USAWrestling members for years now and we’re being treated this way? Keep the pressure on. There are a lot of us out here that read your blog.”      


“I recently told a good friend of mine that it was too bad USAWrestling allowed pictures to be taken at the World Team Trials. It gave the appearance it was the heavyweight bout of a dual where the score was 46-3 (why bother staying). If I were running an event like that and saw ticket sales were not going well—I’D DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING. Contact the local Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, veterans groups, church organizations, other sports teams in the area and even the morgue if need be (an attempt at humor here). I hope Flo didn’t sell too many tickets, we can’t afford the public to see that many empty seats at one of our premiere events. Their event in LA in May was just as bad . . . who handles getting information out in Colorado Springs? Marketing at USAW is more than horrible, it’s nonexistent.” 


“What’s with USAWrestling’s 2020 Save Olympic Wrestling campaign? They haven’t had shirts for sale in a very long time that I can see. Every few days I see a post on fb saying shirts coming soon. Really, these are T-shirts. Not only would this be a good source of revenue but they’re walking billboards. Someone else has a fb page 2020 Olympic Games: Please Keep Wrestling. The guy blows away anything USAW puts out, that is when they put something out. These are nice shirts with great artwork and they sell like crazy. Lost opportunities for USAW and you’re right Wade, they don’t get it!”


“I have several problems with USAW and I truly believe they have become a bloated organization that has lost sight of the work they started doing a long time ago. Directors are arrogant, don’t respond to calls, are not helpful and I think they may collapse under their own bloat.”  


“Why didn’t they adopt the rule changes automatically and instantly when FILA made them? Even now people are scratching their head wondering why USAW has to act above the law, at their own pace.” 


“Thanks Wade, I really enjoy reading your blog and how you allow the reader to come to their own conclusions and never name names. Classy.” 


“I wrestled in the USWF as a kid in the 70’s so I witnessed how the AAU lost control. USAWrestling is making the same mistakes. There is so much wrong that it’s difficult to fathom that considering their history of fighting change, they are capable of it now. Arrogant might be the word I’d use for them and that’s the last thing we should be portraying.”


“You’re 100% right. Keep after them!”


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  1. tim dean

    Keep up the great work Wade. You continue to pin/pen on the X on the mat!


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