Wrestling is Back in the Olympics

By | August 26, 2013

At least in my opinion we are, but not as a provisional sport. Instead I believe the IOC will reject their Executive Committee’s decision to eliminate wrestling and keep it as a core sport. Translation: we’re back!

Why would they take that position?

Because of the amount of support wrestling received at the global level. It caught them completely off guard. President’s, Kings and King Makers have all come together to create immense diplomatic and financial pressure on the IOC.

How sure are you Wade?

Say 90%, because the IOC is both a sporting organization and a political body. That means they will always take the path of greatest benefit and least resistance. By ignoring their Executive Committee’s decision wrestling automatically comes back and the IOC only has two sports to choose from instead of three. Whichever they select, Squash or Baseball/Softball, the IOC wins. They took a pressured situation and gave it a good ending.

Note to the wrestling community: These outcomes have little to do with FILA’s rule changes or anything that USAWrestling will tell you they did to make this possible.  Actually, Colorado Springs spent a lot of money they didn’t have to do things it appears they didn’t need to do.

Hopefully this scare will keep FILA on the right track and become the impetus for change at USAWrestling.

So we’re clear, I truly believe that USAWrestling is a great organization but one that has gone astray over the past 20 years. The organization, its structure and vision desperately needs a daily dose of fixes for an indefinite period of time.  It’s not my goal to have my opinions used by others as a catalyst for war but instead as a Phoenix from which the sport can rise.

One thought on “Wrestling is Back in the Olympics

  1. Herb Schutt

    Never should have ever been up for discussion. Oldest sport ever and one on one, outstanding news.


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